President Abinader inaugurates a bridge in Cambita and a secondary school in Najayo Arriba

The two new works will benefit thousands of citizens of the province of San Cristóbal

President Luis Abinader inaugurated this Thursday, the Professor Adán Santana Sierra high school, in Najayo Arriba and a bridge over the Yubazo river, in the Cambita community, in a ceremony in which he was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascencion and Roberto Fulcar , of Education.

Minister Deligne Ascención, who delivered the official speech, explained that this new high school will transform the life of the youth of this community, which was forced to move to other secondary schools, far from their homes, exposing various risks and the inclement weather.

He stated that the educational center opens its doors, and directs young people to university, to grant new opportunities to families in the community.

“The school that we deliver today has been completed with a budget of 82 million 16 thousand 869 pesos and has 13 standard classrooms, rooms for administrative management and rest for teachers, psychological counseling office and nursing room,” he added.

In addition, it has areas for nursing, recreation, playgrounds, civic plaza, parking lots, double court, bleachers, gate, library, multipurpose room, among other areas.

Also with concierge services, kitchen, dining room, general deposit, toilets, warehouse and deposits for waste.

Both the provincial governor, Pura Casilla, and the community leader Yanet Alfonseca, highlighted the contributions that the government of President Luis Abinader has been making to the different communities of that province, and noted that no government had carried out so many infrastructure works in those demarcations , such as those that are being carried out, through the MOPC and other institutions.

“I want to publicly thank President Luis Abinader and all the leaders, who did everything possible to make this a reality today. To Humberto Rosario and to all the people and work teams, thank you, Cambita deserves that and many more, we are working and we continue to deliver ”said the governor.

For her part, the community leader, Yanet Alfonseca, stated: “With the delivery of this work, the countless plugs that daily caused insecurity and fear in the rainy season, where sometimes, due to the rising rivers, the The place was left without communication for several days, and the danger represented by traveling at night ”.

He stressed that today we can talk about the tourist route and highlight the false promises of the past administration, which kept the municipality in oblivion for many years, and in a year, we thank President Abinader for this work that is now a reality.

The president was accompanied by the ministers of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, and of Education, Roberto Fulcar, as well as provincial and municipal authorities.

The Cambita bridge

President Abinader also left in service a new bridge over the Yubazo river, in the Cambita community, built by the Ministry of Public Works, whose investment exceeds 54 million pesos.

Deligne Ascención explained, in the order speech, that the construction of the road, replaces one whose original structure dated from 1951.

The construction of the bridge had been demanded for years by the residents of Cambita, Los Cacaos and dozens of rural communities, because it was affecting the flow of cargo of goods from farmers and merchants from both municipalities and from the residents and visitors of these towns.

The bridge is 42 meters long, 9.30 meters wide, and has a central pier and two abutments founded on metal piles.

South Circuit

The official recalled that just a couple of weeks ago the Trebol of the November 6 highway was inaugurated, and said that this road is being restored to make it safer and more modern, which are part of the South Circuit.

“The road circuit that we have planned will be completed with the completion, in 2022, of the Baní and Azua Circunvalaciones, which will make up part of the axis that will reduce the communication time between the Capital and the entire southern region of the country, complement the development Pedernales, as one of the most important and beautiful tourist centers in the entire Caribbean ”, specified Deligne Ascención.

The official said that these road infrastructure improvement projects positively impact the lives of thousands of families in this province, and not only in the Cambita and Los Cacaos communities and their rural communities, which will also benefit from the Asphalting and construction Plan of sidewalks and curbs across the country.


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